LEONARD T. CONNORS Timeline 1966-2007

1966-Leonard T. Connors, first takes office as Surf City Mayor, after serving four year on the borough’s council.

1976 -Connors, a Republican is elected to his first term as an Ocean County freeholder. He will serve two terms.

1977- Connors goes to Washington, D.C. with petition signed by 52,000 for a new jetty at Barnegat Inlet; project begins in 1987.

1981- Wins first term to the state Senate, 9th District, in Nov; sworn in Jan. 1982.

1983 - Co-sponsors bill to give prosecutors and residents power to get cout injunctions against businesses dealing in pornography.

1985 - Calls for establishment of permanent source of funding for beach protection.

1986 - Introduces bill requiring state health department to determine safety of coastal waters.

1987 - Helped defeat proposal to dispose of radon-contaminated soil at Colliers Mills Wildlife Refuge.

- Defied his own party and Rep. Governor Tom Kean by opposing a proposal to let state seize failing schools.

1991 - Co-sponsors legislation to prevent dumping of waste and sludge in the Pinelands.

1992 - In January, Connors is sworn in as Surf City mayor for seventh time.

1994 - Introduces legislation to obtain $4.9M. for Tuckerton Seaport project.

- Sponsors legislation creating “baymen’s” license plate.

2003 - Introduces bill requiring police recruits to view gruesome scenes as part of training.

2005- Requests federal authorities to conduct shore-area sweep for illegal immigrants following sexual assault of a minor on Long Beach Island.

2006- Calls for an independent inspection of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station’s reactor prior to license renewal; also says licensure should be for only five years, not the current 20.

Jan. 11, 2007--Announces he will not run in 2007 election.

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