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Question: Is it possible for you to tell me something about a 1950s small blue plastic radio that is among many things I inherited when my brother died? It looks like a miniature vending cooler. “Ice Cold” is printed on a corner and the red Pepsi-Cola logo appears on its front. — P.B., Hammonton

Question: We are moving to a new home and want to make changes to our audio system. We currently have a surround system with a Marantz AV receiver, small Klipsch speakers and a subwoofer. The new music room is about 20-by-20 feet and we will use the Marantz receiver in it, with new speakers,…

Question: Are there any specific auto gadgets you can recommend that can help senior drivers? Both of my parents are in their 80s and still pretty good drivers, but due to arthritis and age they’re very stiff, which causes them some driving problems. — Researching Daughter