ALL MY CHILDREN: In her hour of greatest need, Angie found herself alone. Zach learned Jesse was involved in him being framed for Uri's murder, placing the future of their friendship in doubt. Mean-while, the suppressed passion between Zach and Lea grew more intense. Colby's scheme to raise money for the Miranda center came with personal consequences. Dimitri surprised Brooke with unexpected plans that involved travel. Coming: Jesse realizes what his future will be like.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Bill was stunned when Katie and Karen fired him as CEO of Spencer Publications, and Katie revealed she's now running the company. Knowing Wyatt and Quinn better raised questions for Hope about their past. Playing on Rick's concern about Maya and Carter's working relationship, Caro-line gave Rick an even bigger reason to fear Maya will leave him. When Liam told Hope the real reason Steffy left town, Hope made it clear she will no longer share him with Steffy. Coming: Quinn wants Hope out of her son's life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After lashing out at Kristen for continuing to manipulate him, Brady asked John for the truth about what happened with Kristen the night of the attempted seduction. Kristen set out to destroy Eric in a very public way by showing the sex video. Sami exploded at Adrienne, unintentionally making things worse for herself. When Jennifer decided to reunite with Daniel, JJ intended to make sure it never happens. Will felt like the odd man out as Sonny worked on a project with Brent. Coming: Sami could be the casualty of EJ and Stefano's war.

THE FOSTERS: Jesus and Mariana fought over each other's betrayals. When Lexi's parents took drastic measures to keep her away from Jesus, she made a desperate decision that could have major consequences. Reluctantly participating in Lena's group therapy session, Callie confided in Brandon, who offered support as she faced a painful memory. Jude wanted to impress his new friend Connor when he came over to work on a school project. Coming: Brandon edges closer to Callie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Patrick discovered Franco is suffering from a brain tumor. When Morgan overheard Ava deny to Silas that Kiki is his daughter, he demanded the truth from Ava - and got it. Michael tried to reconcile with Morgan and admitted his love for Kiki. Lesley found out the truth about Luke's terminal medical condition. When Scott begged Laura to drop her concerns for Luke, it led to a huge argument. Liz wasn't happy to note the growing closeness between Nik and Britt. Olivia moved out of Sonny's place. Coming: Michael intends to get back at Brad.

MISTRESSES: Hurt by Savi's decision to conceal her pregnancy and her affair from her, Joss moved in with April. A social event brought Harry and Dominic together, and into a huge clash. When Karen again met up with Detective Newsome, this time it was personal. April struggled to put memories of her dead husband to rest so she can move ahead with Richard. Com-ing: The future of Savi's marriage is very uncertain.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: David had to make a choice between keeping his life with Dorian or hanging on to his reality show. An accident occurred at Dani and Jeffrey's fitness class. Destiny confronted Dani about her relationship with Matthew. Cutter surprised Natalie at her apartment. Viki took advice from an unexpected source. Todd and Blair waited out their plan at his hotel room. Coming: David must deal with the results of his choice.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Trying to protect her mother, Hanna was found with something incriminating and had to explain herself to her parents - and the police. When Emily tried to help Hanna, "A" made sure the results were just the opposite. Mona caused hurt feelings by spilling one of Spencer's secrets to the other girls. Aria helped out a friend of Mike's, who got the wrong impression of her. Spencer's investigation of Ali's mysterious phone number led her and Toby to Ravenswood. Coming: First impressions of a place with dark secrets.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: Following his collapse from a medical emergency, John was forced to face the reality of his situation, and had to make some difficult decisions on a professional and personal level. Daphne was torn between family obligations and her desire to be with Jace. Bay was intimidated when she met an Army medic who served with Ty in Afghanistan. Angelo offered to help Regina bring in business. Coming: The Kennish household undergoes ma-jor changes.

TWISTED: With new evidence in Regina's murder case pointing to Connecti-cut, Danny, Jo and Lacey hit the road without informing their parents. Danny, who by crossing state lines had violated his parole, tried to play peacemaker between a squabbling Jo and Lacey. Kyle pulled out all the stops to locate his daughter and had dark plans in mind for whoever led her astray. Karen and Tess bonded over an impromptu pottery lesson, a growing friendship that could put Tess in conflict with her husband. Coming: Tess is torn between her friend's fragility and her husband's determination.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, when Rebekah turned down Klaus' plan to stop Kol and protect Jeremy, Klaus sought help from Stefan. Elena put Stefan in a difficult spot when she told him about her dangerous plan for Jeremy. Bonnie's argument with her father about his approach to ending the violence in Mystic Falls was followed by a run-in with Kol, and an unexpected visitor. Stefan helped Rebekah enjoy the canceled school dance by staging his own. Coming: Stefan and Damon disagree over how to help Elena.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Nick finally told Sharon that Summer is not his daughter. Devastated to learn Jack is her biological father, a tearful Summer told Kyle they can never date. Jack lashed out at Nick for depriving him of raising his daughter. Carmine hired Leslie to defend him against giving Fen drugs, and Paul was forced to let Carmine go. Jeff blackmailed Chelsea into a payoff to keep him quiet about the baby being Adam's. Following his latest agenda, Victor told Adam to have Melanie as his guest at the Gala. Coming: Billy tries to win another chance from Victoria.

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