The eyes have it!

Seems there is a whole lot of beauty buzz lately about eyebrows and eye lashes. Well now, what’s a girl to do? There is a ton of information we could discuss but for the sake of brevity, here is the low down.

Let’s talk lashes. If you were born with great lashes all you need to do is find a great mascara you love like Rimmel Scandaleyes and that’s it! But if you are unhappy because your lashes are too short, too skimpy, too light, or getting old like the rest of you (lol), then here are some tips.

There are many new trends in lashes out there. One of the favorite trends is lash serums. There are various price points to fit every budget but remember that you get what you pay for. Sometimes you’re just paying for pretty packaging. Most of the time though, a higher price means a higher quality and higher concentration of the beneficial ingredients. I recently decided to try one of those magical serums for the sake of this article, and I am hooked! GrandeLash by Grande Cosmetics has given me back the lush lashes of my youth and I have heard Lash Boost by Rodan and Fields also works wonders.

If you aren’t into serums, then false eyelashes may be what you need. Falsies or glued-on eyelashes have evolved into everyday wear. They are not just for special occasions, ladies! False eyelashes are also affordable and easy to DIY. You can add a strip lash, individual lashes, or clusters to your everyday look. Clear and black adhesives are available. Use the clear if you are light skinned and going for a very natural look. Use the darker adhesive if you are darker skinned or planning to wear heavier, darker makeup like black eyeliner. Apply lashes after make up application for best results. These lashes should be removed daily and can be reused. If the adhesive builds up, clean the lashes by spraying on some rubbing alcohol and gently peeling off as much of the left on adhesive as possible.

Now, if adding something to your daily routine is not your thing but you want fuller, longer, lashes you may want to look into eyelash extensions. Many salons and spas now offer eyelash extensions. These extensions are considered “permanent.” That is, the individual lashes get bonded right to your own lashes and will wear like natural lashes and fall out when the natural lash it has been bonded to falls out. Once you have a full set of lash extensions there is no need for mascara. The only maintenance is daily brushing and appointments for “fill ins” as you lose lashes about every two to three weeks. The initial application will take about two hours and pricing varies.

Stay tuned for some beneficial brow info in upcoming Beauty Bits.

Beauty Bits by Kelly Herbst appears monthly. Herbst is a professional cosmetologist and beauty educator and owner of The Hair Studio of Ocean City. You can submit questions to her at

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