Miss America arrival

Gretchen Carlson speaks to the contestants and the crowd at Kennedy Plaza during the annual Miss America arrival celebration. Thursday, August 30

Miss America Board Chairwoman Gretchen Carlson took to Twitter on Wednesday to respond to others' comments about the competition.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Miss America Organization terminated the licensing contracts of at least four state title competitions and asked other state pageant organizers to explain why they aided in a mutiny plot against the national leadership.

One Twitter user mentioned Carlson asking her to "stop this," when referring to women turning away from the organization "because of the leadership."

Carlson replied, "Stop what? Except trying to move the program forward. thanks #facts."

The user replied, "There is so much fear and uneasiness right now and frankly a lack of trust. I'm all for moving the program forward but when you here about states losing licenses and being put on probation how can we move forward if we aren't all involved. You need to step up and address this."

Carlson then replied, "We are - setting up a new state org. Whose really killing the program? Us working non stop to save it or Those sending in money to sue Miss America? Thx."

Former Miss America Heather Whitestone McCallum, who with other former Miss Americas launched a petition calling for the removal of Carlson and Hopper, replied to one tweet saying Carlson "will talk down, ignore you, demean you, threaten you, and than act like she’s a martyr."

Carlson replied, "Heather pls stop defaming me. Thank you."

Carlson had another twitter exchange with a user who said she was interested in competing but was seeking clarity about "the direction this organization is taking" and asking to "bring back the old sashes."

Carlson replied by telling the user that they can "choose whatever sash you want." 

"Funny thing is it was called a competition 3 years ago but no one cared enough to notice," Carlson tweeted. "Instead of wearing a swimsuit you will be able to showcase more about u are. Otherwise things are the same."

The terminations — as well as a less-severe warning of possible probation — have been aimed at state pageant leaders who opposed Carlson and CEO Regina Hopper, both of whom took control of the nearly 100-year-old pageant this year.

Past terminations have resulted in transfer of the franchise to new organizations and the placement of new directors in charge of state pageants. 

A spokesperson for the MAO has said the process regarding state licensees is confidential.

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