Miss America Final

After a year of losing sponsors, broadcast partners and supporters, the Miss America Organization is hoping to keep its contracts in Atlantic City, while severing ties with longtime volunteers in New Jersey and other states.  

The Miss America Organization is fed up with Miss New Jersey’s leadership, but will still take New Jersey’s money.

Matt Doherty, executive director of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, said Wednesday the authority has received a request for proposal from the Miss America Organization regarding future sponsorship.

The CRDA has not responded to the pageant organizers, with Doherty saying it’s “too early to say.”

The MAO has not returned calls or emails for comment on its current status in Atlantic City.

Meanwhile, the MAO is still taking action against the executive directors and board members of several states, including New Jersey, that were vocal about their dissatisfaction with the “Miss America 2.0” rebranding.

Representatives for the Miss New Jersey Education Foundation said they could not comment on the license termination at this time.

Three more states have had their licenses revoked by the Miss America Organization. The state pageant organizations in New Jersey, New York and Florida were emailed letters Friday on official organization letterhead, notifying them the state licenses have been revoked, according to former MAO board member Jennifer Vaden Barth.

“Each state organization is a licensee of the Miss America Organization,” according to letters sent to each state organization the MAO deemed delinquent in late September. The letters notified them the organizations were in breach of contract with MAO and were subject to either a review of licensing during a probationary period or immediate termination of contract.

The board of directors for the Miss New Jersey pageant received a notification letter from MAO attorneys asking for information and the reason why the state pageant’s executive director signed a “vote of no confidence” letter in June, three months before the national Miss America Competition.

Directors of the Miss New York and Miss Florida pageants also signed the petition.

Miss New Jersey complied with the request while under the threat of probation and was unsure of the status of the licensing until this week.

The state and local pageants that feed into the national pageant enter into a franchise-like agreement with terms to operate under the Miss America Competition name.