After 6½ “exhausting” years, Kimberly Pack, the daughter of slain veterans advocate and radio host April Kauffman, said she has answers and can begin to move on.

“I am forever grateful because I know that some victims sadly never get answers. This tireless pursuit for justice is no longer my journey,” Pack said in a statement Wednesday, less than 24 hours after a jury found Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello guilty in the murder of her mother. “I look forward to finally being able to live and making the best of my life.”

April Kauffman, 47, was found dead in the Linwood home she shared with her husband, Dr. James Kauffman, on May 10, 2012. Rumors were rampant in Atlantic County about who was involved, but for more than five years, law enforcement did not name any suspects. During that time, Pack retained an attorney, began an investigation of her own and publicly accused her stepfather of being responsible for her mother’s death.

In January, Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner charged Augello, 62, of Upper Township, and James Kauffman, 68, in the murder. Police said Kauffman paid Augello to hire a hitman to kill April to avoid exposing a drug ring the two men were running out of James Kauffman’s medical practice.

James Kauffman was found hanged in his Hudson County jail cell after being charged. Francis Mulholland, of Villas, the alleged hitman, died in 2013 of a drug overdose.

April’s friends and supporters said that despite the revelations during the trial, they continue to grieve.

April Kauffman’s best friend, Lee Darby, who was in the courtroom with friends and relatives as the jurors returned to deliver their verdict, said Tuesday evening in a statement she was struggling to find a way to talk about the trial.

“For the last 2,325 nights I closed my eyes praying that when I woke up my nightmare would be over and my best friend, my soulmate, my sister, would be standing there laughing. Sadly, that will never happen. I will never see her beautiful smile or hear her laugh except in my memories,” said Darby, of Absecon.

Darby, who testified last Wednesday about April and James Kauffman’s volatile relationship, said the trial forced her to relive April’s death again.

“I believed I had found justice when Jim Kauffman was charged with murder. Now it’s time to grieve. Now it’s time to find peace in a world without April,” Darby said.

Donna Clementoni, a fellow veterans advocate and friend of April Kauffman, said she was still processing her emotions Tuesday afternoon.

“I think the spirit of April got lost in all of the trial. My thought is just for us to take a breath and remember why we loved her so much and what was taken from us,” she said.

Clementoni attended several days of the trial over the past two weeks and said the plot that unfolded in the courtroom was unexpected.

“Like Kim says, the worst type of TV drama,” she said.

Clementoni said April would have been appalled by the amount of drug-dealing involved in her death, as she was staunchly anti-drug. She said that throughout the trial, she found herself waiting for April’s name or her legacy to be mentioned.

“I wasn’t sitting in judgment. I was just trying to find my friend in that trial. I want to remember her heart and all the good things that she did. I loved her,” Clementoni said.

Clementoni was particularly struck when Augello’s ex-wife, Beverly, testified that she didn’t have insurance so April helped her get a doctor’s appointment with James Kauffman in the first place.