Surf stadium 2

Surf Stadium in Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY — Negotiations to bring baseball back to Surf Stadium are continuing, but the prospect of seeing a team on the field next summer is unlikely.

Frank Boulton, who was authorized in May by City Council to find an ownership group willing to bring baseball back to Atlantic City, said a deal is not in place and “there’s a few things that still need to happen.” He said he is “cautiously optimistic” a team could be playing in Atlantic City by summer 2020.

The city’s governing body gave Boulton, who is a founding member of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball and former owner of the Atlantic City Surf, a 90-day window to facilitate a deal on its behalf.

“We’re not looking to bring this back for a couple of years,” Boulton said Tuesday. “We’re trying to bring this back for decades to come. We need to do it right, so it’s going to take a little time.”