ATLANTIC CITY — The morning after federal investigators spent several hours searching his home and removing potential evidence, it was business as usual for Mayor Frank Gilliam Jr.

Shortly after 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Gilliam emerged from his Ohio Avenue home, politely declined to comment on the previous day’s happenings, entered the passenger side of his municipal vehicle driven by an assigned Atlantic City Police Department officer and went to City Hall.

Tuesday morning’s scene was a stark difference from just 24 hours earlier, when nearly a dozen FBI and IRS Criminal Investigation Division agents raided the first-term mayor’s residence for slightly more than four hours. Federal investigators arrived at the two-story home Monday morning just before 8 a.m. “in an official capacity to execute a search warrant,” according to Supervisory Special Agent Jessica Weisman.

Authorities unloaded several white cardboard boxes and computer equipment into unmarked vehicles and took the evidence to the FBI office in Northfield.

Federal investigators have given no indication as to what they were looking for inside the mayor’s home, and Weisman said Tuesday she could not comment further. IRS Special Agent Robert Glantz also declined to comment.

Back at City Hall on Tuesday, members of the media were prohibited from going to the seventh floor where the Mayor’s Office is located. Staff inside City Hall said the directive came from the Mayor’s Office.

Maisha Moore, Gilliam’s chief of staff, said the mayor was holding meetings Tuesday and City Hall staff said people had been going to the Mayor’s Office “all day.” A visitor’s log at the front desk of City Hall showed only one visitor to the seventh floor Tuesday — a member of the media who was ultimately denied access before going upstairs.

Moore said Gilliam and the staff would “continue working for the residents” of the city but declined to comment on Monday’s events.

“He’s still the mayor of Atlantic City,” she said.

Gilliam, 48, was first elected to City Council in 2009 and was re-elected to his at-large seat in 2013, earning a $28,000 annual salary. In 2017, Gilliam defeated incumbent Republican Mayor Don Guardian, who accused the Democrat of campaign fraud. No formal action or charges resulted from Guardian’s claim. The mayor of Atlantic City earns an annual salary of $103,000.