We have a graduation edition of On The Road! I visited Ocean City High School, where the class of 2018 will receive their diplomas Monday afternoon. Maggie Wallace, Hunter Leeds and Josh Leeds uncover their plans for the future, as well as why the city is a South Jersey Special. 

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I went On The Road in Margate to learn more about the elephant in the room, Lucy! Rich Helfant, CEO / Executive Director of Lucy of the Elephant, talks about what this National Historic Landmark means to Margate. We have your sun filled 7 day forecast as well.

For Thursday, we wake to a clearing sky. Low pressure has now pushed off into Atlantic Canada, with the cold front rolling off the Jersey Shore. This is kicking the clouds, and humidity out. Dew points fell from the sticky low 70s at midnight to the refreshing mid-50s by 8:30 a.m.