South Jersey ended the weekend with a snowy Sunday, but residents didn’t mind too much.

Snow in the state’s southern counties caused some slow driving on major and local roads, and delayed openings at businesses, but by the afternoon, people were out enjoying the weather or happy staying inside awaiting the start of the Philadelphia Eagles’ playoff game at New Orleans.

“I like it when we get a lot,” said Donna Gaffney as she scraped off snow from her car in Ventnor. “I want a lot or nothing. This is the perfect kind of snow because it’ll probably be gone before it gets black and dirty.”

It’s also a good time for her two corgis, Lou and Oscar, who love running around in the snow and “fetching” snow balls.

Vince Jones, director of the Atlantic County Office of Emergency Management, said public works departments “did a fantastic job.” What remains is concern that temperatures will freeze the water overnight.

“For the first measurable snow fall, most people stayed in,” he said. “There were few accidents, nothing like we usually see during the first snow when people go out and it gets crazy.”

Snow continued into the evening for many in South Jersey, said Press Meteorologist Joe Martucci. Temperatures dropped below freezing shortly after dark, which brought re-freeze onto untreated sidewalks and roadways.

“No snow will be in the forecast for the rest of the work week, allowing the snow to melt away,” he said, “though black ice can develop on Monday and Tuesday nights.”

Most of the area saw 3 to 6 inches of snow. Vineland Mayor Anthony Fanucci said the city’s public works department had a plan in place and was well prepared for the weather.

Crews were out in the early-morning hours to clear road surfaces and salt, making roads passable, and remained working into Sunday night to get everything salted for Monday.

“I’m very proud of what our public works director and team did, staying out there and working to get the side roads cleaned out,” Fanucci said. “The crews will be out there again early in the morning to check on things and see what’s needed before rush hour.”