Matteo-Melia, Angela Adele, - Beautiful, kind and loving, Angela was born on November 29, 1960 and danced into heaven on April 17, 2019. Prior to her final curtain, Angela spent the better part of her life in and around dance. Growing up the daughter of a dance instructor, Ange was dancing even as she learned to walk. She taught in her mother's studio (the Florence Matteo School of Dance) and starred in innumerable productions through grammar and high school. Angela began her professional career as one of the famed Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. She then took her career on the road, performing in the Bahamas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Paris before finishing her on-stage career in Atlantic City. Upon "retirement", Angela settled for a time in her childhood home, Pleasantville, where she continued her mother's legacy as a dance instructor and a business owner. Ange taught and influenced hundreds of young women many of whom continue to credit her for pointing them in the right direction and providing encouragement in their formative years. Angela was a positive contributor to her community. Angela attended St. Peter's Elementary School and graduated in 1979 from Holy Spirit High School where she was junior class president and prom queen. Her childhood included long days playing with a large group of close neighborhood friends, spending summers on the Ventnor beaches, participating in an endless stream of dance recitals and performances, and spending quiet nights at home with her family. After her performing and teaching career, Angela worked for the PFM Group before moving to New Hampshire to marry her lifelong love, Jon Melia. Angela first met Jon in 1981 while working in Reno. They parted ways for several years while they pursued their respective careers, but fell back in love as though they had never been apart. In New Hampshire, Ange and Jon enjoyed a laughter-filled life punctuated with long walks along the lakeshore, road trips to Maine on Jon's motorcycle, and hot cups of coffee by the wood stove on cold mornings. In 2015, Angela and Jon moved back to Reno. There, Ange was an office manager for CBA Healthcare. At the same time, she and Jon owned and managed the Spoke Bar and Grill in Carson City. The laughs and bike trips continued. Angela is survived by her husband Jon and his son Beau, her brother Brett Matteo and his wife Kristina, nephew Paul Matteo, niece April Hackett, many cousins, a long list of life-long friends, and her de facto sister and best friend of 50+ years, Colleen Barlage (nee Walsh). She is preceded in death by her parents Florence and Albert Matteo. Angela's sense of humor, kindness, energy and loving smile will be missed by all who knew her. She is, no doubt, teaching the angels to dance.5, 6, 7, 8. Angela was remembered in a private ceremony in Reno.

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