“Harvey, Harvey, Harvey, you know that hope is never a strategy. You just might not become the lord mayor of ‘Kesselmanville’ after all.”

Robert L. King

“Stockton should not get a dime for its A.C. campus.

It’s a waste of money that should go to the lower grades.”

John Komorowski

‘Stockton funds still held as governor releases additional frozen aid’

“$18,000 is a small price to pay when divided among all the citizens of N.J. if the 1,200 jobs actually materialize, especially for South Jersey.”

Kate Grace

“Is anyone surprised by this? New Jerseyans have been getting fleeced by their government for decades — and they’re apparently happy getting hosed because they keep reelecting them.”

Paul Vitt

“The AG and Murphy are undermining the residents of N.J. They are implementing their own agendas and ignoring the residents demands. Both need to step down.”

Willam McLean

‘Records: Taxpayers paid $18k for Murphy staffers’ India trip’

“Wonderful, make kids go hungry while he uses the presidency to make money by holding the G-7 summit at one of his golf courses.”

Gaetano Branciforti

Via Facebook

“They really need to look into the free lunch program and food stamp program. It was supposed to be for people who really need it but so many play the system.”

Barbara Eck Ellis

Via Facebook

‘Trump rule may mean 1 million kids lose automatic free lunch’

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