High school closing

is not a tragedy

I have read letters regarding the closing of Wildwood Catholic High School. My sympathy goes out to those graduates who have fond memories and to those whose children are enrolled there now.

But times are changing, and the facts are that churches are a business and in these difficult economic times must downsize.

One could be critical of mistakes the Catholic Church has made in the past, including its czarist control in not listening to its flock. However, it is what it is.

You could stop attending Mass or let the collection plate pass by. Or next time you are in church, give thanks to God there has been no earthquake here and you have a choice where to send your child for continuing education.

We have good public schools in Cape May County. Give them a chance. There is no czar. Someday all of our children will have to mix with people of the world. Now could be their time.



Revisit trade pacts

to create good jobs

Our president states he is working to bring jobs back to America. What kind of jobs - service jobs? Do you want fries with that?

Our manufacturing jobs have gone overseas thanks in part to the creation of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement by President Bill Clinton, enlarged in scope by President George W. Bush and in existence to this day, along with various other supposed trade pacts that have left us with little to offer. The mantra is "Buy American," but when you shop, what products are left that boast that label?

I have no answers, but I think that revisiting these trade pacts, along with talking to businesses that are willing to work on issues that make us much less competitive in this world (wages, benefits, etc.), might be a place to start.



A.C. mission

doing terrific work

Regarding the Jan. 23 article, "Atlantic City Rescue Mission opens Egg Harbor City services site":

I was amazed by the measures the mission is taking to keep people from becoming homeless.

This is the first time I've ever heard of any organization that takes steps like this to help anyone in danger of losing a home and needing assistance. I commend the Atlantic City Rescue Mission in its efforts and hope those who can afford a donation to it do so to help not only in this effort, but for all the mission has been doing for those less fortunate.

The location in Egg Harbor City is indeed easily reached by car and public transportation, which includes the train. Our train station is only a few blocks away on Boston Avenue.

Thank you, Atlantic City Rescue Mission, for all you are accomplishing.


Egg Harbor City

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