“I got a call a few weeks ago to claim the free brace I had ‘ordered.’ Only problem, I never ordered one.”

Stephen Plettner

via Facebook

‘NJ residents charged as Feds break up $1.2B Medicare orthopedic brace scam’

“With all the taxes and road tolls in this state, the roads should be pristine.”

Vincent G. Reale

‘Atlantic City residents’ pleas for better roads finally get some action’

“Millennials do not go to the casino to gamble. We just come for the parties and night clubs.”

Adrienne Lam

“It should say gross profits are down. Gross is before expenses. Casinos don’t care about that. Net profits (after expenses) are up 14 percent.”

Douglas Pickell

via Facebook

‘Profits down 15% in expanded

Atlantic City casino market’

“Smart guy, has a nose for the daily doubles and is fearless in wagering. The other contestants just seem lost.”

Nicholas Fiadino

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‘Man wins over $110K, crushes

single-day record on “Jeopardy!”’

“Glad to see N.J. hunting these evil monsters.”

Jason Terruso

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‘Priest pleads guilty after victim

calls sex abuse hotline’

“The ‘bunker’ have been so thick in the ocean you feel like you could walk on them.’

Jeff Koch

via Facebook

‘Whales in bay? Rare but happening thanks to more fish off Cape May’

“First, get the unfinished rooms finished to drive more traffic to the property, get the buffet open and much more entertainment.”

Tim Sullivan

‘Ocean Resort changes its name’

“My favorite mall ... needs some TLC (tender loving change).”

Jan Harrington-Roff

via Facebook

‘Hamilton Mall faces some of the biggest challenges of its existence’

“This is great news, because Atlantic City residents need jobs this summer.”

Valeria Marcus

via Facebook

‘Rolling chairs, ice cream bikes create Boardwalk jobs for Atlantic City residents’

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