“Did anyone ask the gulls if they are OK with this?”

Michael V. Lang

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‘Ocean City pays $65K for falcons to scare hostile sea gulls from Boardwalk’

“In Darwin’s day, no transitional fossils had yet been found. Since then, as he predicted, hundreds, if not thousands, of transitional fossils have been found.”

Stephen Wilson

‘Letter to the editor: Proof lacking

for science and attacks on religion’

“Nice things, reasonable prices. Salespeople very nice and helpful. I love where it’s located too.”

Donna D’Amico

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‘Boscov’s pays off $3 million loan guaranteed by Atlantic County’

“It will do nothing but bring more business to the area. I go to the dispensary in Bellmawr all the time and there are never any issues.”

Jim Eccles

‘Middle Township issues letter of support for medical marijuana proposal’

“He is a 19-year-old young adult and old enough to know better.”

M. Camille Burgess

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‘Teen charged with damaging arcade game on Wildwood Boardwalk’

“Nope. He lacks the durability of an NFL QB. The best ability is availability.”

Robert Scattone

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‘Can Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz

be a third-down superman once again?’

“Those little bridges are no place for below average drivers.”

Phil Swetsky

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‘Pennsylvania man airlifted to hospital after head-on crash in Lower Township’

“There were zero explosives in these so-called bombs. Each and every one of them was 100% inert.”

Bryant Amper

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‘Florida man behind 2018 national pipe bomb crisis gets 20 years in prison’

“I have no problems with anyone having a gun, but unfortunately, a few ruin it for the many.”

Katherine Finkel

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‘New Jersey enacts 3 gun violence intervention laws’

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