“I imagine most medical marijuana patients can wait until after work to medicate, so the very small group of those who can’t can easily be handled on an individual basis.”

John Thomas

‘Our view: NJ medical marijuana will be another burden on business’

“Federal law uses both ‘aliens’ and ‘illegal immigrants.’ Get over the wording, it’s what it is.”

Sean Thomas

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‘Immigrant advocates pack Atlantic freeholder meeting over ICE resolution’

“Husband was a scalloper for many years and they are delicious, but sorry, the price is ridiculous.”

Joann Garofolo Vitola

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‘Scallops are tasty, but they will cost you this summer’

“This same board entered into this lease; now they say it’s a bad deal. I assume it was a bad deal from the git go.”

Michael Toland

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‘CRDA plan for free offices in Boardwalk Hall anti-development, landlord says’

“Some of the adults need to start dropping this gangsta way of living. Their children see this as an example.”

Phil Babilino

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‘Community gathers for prayer, march against violence in Atlantic City’

“We need businesses that bring new life to the Bay Avenue district and it needs to be a good fit.”

Jennifer Leigh

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‘Proposed Somers Point restaurant doesn’t have enough parking, court rules’

“I hope this positive message of love and compassion inspires many people to open their hearts and homes to an animal in need.”

Lucy Post

‘Elena Delle Donne teams up with PETA in ad campaign’

“Atlantic County will always be proud of the player he was and the man he has become.”

Peter Haberstroh

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‘How Holy Spirit grad William Green lost his way with Browns but eventually found daylight’

“I love this so much.”

Anne Zavalick

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‘Videos of children playing on seesaws installed across US-Mexico border go viral’

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