“Hopefully the temperature stays warm throughout the winter.”

Henry Connahey

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‘Extreme climate change

has arrived in parts of America’

“As long as there is corruption and the desire for more money, Atlantic City will stay the same, as years have told.”

Roger W. Ulland

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‘51 ways Atlantic City can reinvent itself’

“So someone dies and all you get is two tickets? Our pedestrians need more protection than that from our legal system.”

Jim Conant

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‘No criminal charges in Ocean City Memorial Day weekend fatal crash’

“Now that’s a deal! Adopt, don’t shop, people.”

Amanda Longo

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‘Adoption fees waived

at Atlantic County shelter’

“Teach the locals to stop throwing their trash in the streets. Try using a trash can or keep it in your car until you find one.”

Mark Bolner

‘Our view: Restored Baltic Canal flood control exposes A.C. trash mishandling’

“No matter how many times you repeat a lie it never becomes the truth.”

Steve Cupani

‘Dorian Johnson, Ferguson shooting witness, sticks by his “hands up” account’

“My bridal shower was there and it was wonderful. Thanks, mom.”

Antonia Wise

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‘Galloway Township’s Ram’s Head Inn

for sale for $3.5 million’

“So, people who shouldn’t have qualified for it won’t qualify for it.”

Sean Thomas

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‘Schools worry how changes to federal food assistance may affect free lunches’

“That is the sad reality of the world”

Jodi Cassidy

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‘Inside the booming business of everyday ballistic gear’

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