“If you are not at your spot in the sand, your umbrella should be folded. Only up when an adult is present.”

Deb Christman

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‘Our view: Now that beach umbrellas are the norm, they should be safer’

“People walk right out into traffic trying to cross. I can’t tell you how many people I almost hit driving home at night from there.”

Joe Gachetti

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‘83-year-old woman fatally struck crossing street in Atlantic City’

“The future is here, folks, try and have a gathering of friends and family with good food and drinks on the internet.”

Roger W. Ulland

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‘Galloway’s Goodfellows restaurant closes’

“I threw a message in a bottle when I was 8 in North Wildwood. 12 years later I got a letter from someone who found it only 22 blocks from where I threw it.”

Phil Swetsky

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‘In Alaska, 50-year-old message in bottle from Soviet navy captain washes ashore’

“Many thanks to the Egg Harbor Townshp Police Department for corralling these beautiful animals back to safety.”

Angele M. Statuti

‘Alpacas and cows escape, roam

Egg Harbor Township’

“Now would be a good time, Rhys.”

Nicholas Fiadino

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‘Rhys Hoskins thinks he’s “one swing away” from snapping his funk’

“A nation at war with itself. And this is just the beginning.”

Bill Tracy

‘Churches arm, train congregants

in wake of mass shootings’

“One of the finest sporting traditions on the East Coast.”

Peter Haberstroh

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‘Look back at the 2019

South Jersey lifeguard race season’

“They cannot give out the pills without a prescription that was written by a doctor.”

Thom Gage

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‘The opioid crisis: 15% of the pharmacies handled nearly half of the 35 billion opioid pills’

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