“Action must be taken to reduce crime in Atlantic City. Without a better suggestion on the table, let’s give the curfew a try.”

Penny Shorepenny

‘A.C. police to enforce juvenile curfew’

“Isn’t going to help those whose children are already in college and have signed their lives away.”

Dawn Gray-Booth

via Facebook

‘New NJ laws protect

student borrowers and families’

“(Then-Sen. Steven) Perskie sold this casino gambling idea to the public in the late 1970s with the promise of lifting up Atlantic City. False promise!”

Kathi Grace

‘Atlantic City property-tax spike

a big surprise’

“They design these weapons to cause mass casualties. That’s why the shooters buy them. And then act surprised when they are used as designed.”

Matt Heavens

“Crazy people and criminals will always have access to guns.”

Jeannie Petrarca

via Facebook

‘29 killed in 2 US shootings,

and it could have been worse’

“Only a matter of time before the chief files a lawsuit and the taxpayer pays and rightfully so.”

Nancy Smith

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‘Mullica Twp. Committee accepts

police chief’s retirement’

“So sad! I had just seen her a few hours before.”

Zeina Hernandez

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‘Pedestrian struck, killed Saturday night in Galloway Township’

“The sea level has risen 1.2 inches per decade over the last 60 years. This is a big old nothing burger.”

Sean Thomas

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‘As sea levels rise, one Delaware Bay community is vanishing’

“We need fewer municipalities in New Jersey — not more.”

Robert Rosetta

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‘Judge’s decision coming soon in Seaview Harbor’s attempt to leave EHT’

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