“Huge improvement! In the beginning of the summer it was so bad and I had a seagull poop on my head.”

BethMarie Monica

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‘Hawks succeeding in keeping

seagulls at bay in Ocean City’

“Totally agree. This makes no sense. Many bikers are very close to this as they pass on Mays Landing Road and Route 9.”

Bob Schwartz

‘Our view: Planning failure wastes path on parkway bridge for years’

“He killed that girl, did nothing about it, lied, then got away with it. That I remember.”

Michael Deluccia

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‘Remembering Ted Kennedy, who died 10 years ago today’

“We are giving awards to two of the governors that were at the forefront of facilitating the New Jersey state pension crisis?!”

Craig Collins

‘Former NJ governors to be honored

by Stockton Hughes Center’

“Go to NJ.gov and submit concerns to the governor’s office. His office needs to hear from us.”

Mary Kane

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‘Wildwood mayor “disappointed beyond words” by Murphy veto of Boardwalk bill’

“And with every expansion at ACIT comes cuts to Atlantic County Special Services and their programs.”

Robin Birth

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‘Greater Egg calls for “cease”

on ACIT expansion’

“What is important is does Atlantic City prepare for the future and protect its status.”

Robert Rosetta

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‘Could New Jersey overtake

Nevada as sports betting king?’

“He is going to go down as one of the Top 5 best players of all time.”

Gaetano Branciforti

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‘Daily Mike Trout report:

Knocks in 103rd run of season’

“I think this was a wonderful event. Women of color celebrating each other.”

Cathy Wolcott Draper

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‘With love, black women reclaim Atlantic City’s Chicken Bone Beach’

“Only the people working are benefiting — five guys to fix one pothole.”

Jim Freeman

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‘Report: New Jersey spends most on roads, doesn’t get results’

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