“In what world do you release a person on a summons after driving without a license and killing someone!?”

John Ruggiero

‘ICE arrests man charged

in Egg Harbor City child’s death’

“There is no greater expression of love or no greater example of what it means to be a parent.”

Chrissi Dawn

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‘Father dies after saving son

from drowning off Atlantic City beach’

“Spend $10.4 million for offices for the Atlantic City School Board? Are you kidding me? How will that make Atlantic City great again?”

Kishin Ratwani

‘CRDA has millions available

for projects, such as BOE offices’

“Prescription opiates pose far more risk to the workplace.”

Richie Campbell

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‘Our view: NJ medical marijuana

will be another burden on business’

“It’s a targeted high dose nicotine delivery system, what could go wrong.”

Nicholas Fiadino

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‘E-cigarettes form of teen addiction that worries doctors, parents and schools’

“Too sad. I look forward to this every year and have raised my girls to look forward to this every September.”

Kathy Farrell

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‘As Miss America exits Atlantic City,

she takes a part of us all’

“What’s in your wallet? Not in mine.”

Camille Angela

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‘Capital One says over 100 million people affected by major data breach’

“Why aren’t the Wildwoods seeking consolidation to run their district more efficiently?”

Brian Michael Paul

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‘Judges say Wildwood can continue operating preschool in North Wildwood’

“Can we trim the well-documented administrative costs? No, let’s get rid of textbooks since the college doesn’t see a profit from those.”

Lexi Catt

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‘Rowan college affordability initiative takes aim at textbooks’

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