“I can’t even find one outside. These people get one at Home Depot.”

Jack Seppy

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‘Whooo’s there? Georgia family

discovers owl in Christmas tree’

“This hate really has to stop for all parties! By these comments we are all working against each other.”

Kathy Canesi-Link

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‘Loneliest man in Washington?

No way, says Jeff Van Drew’

“Congratulations and best wishes on your retirement! I was very pleased that Jeret made your list.”

Linda Mansfield

Dave Weinberg: ‘Thanks

for the memories’

“It wasn’t just a prank, but a credible threat.”

Sam Bliss

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‘Millville man who threatened LoBiondo gets seven-year prison sentence’

“I watched my mother suffer and she had cancer. … That was my last memory with her, watching her suffer.”

Mechele Boyce

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‘What it took fulfilling terminally ill mother’s wish to end her life’

“It reinforces memory which then influences the ability to reason.”

Kate Grace

Press editorial: ‘Teaching cursive writing can’t turn back the technological tide’

“Seems like anytime a law is made that helps a minority group, everyone seems to have a problem with it.”

Chris Charles

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‘Gov. Murphy signs hair discrimination bill inspired by Buena wrestler’

“And no money for homeless people or anyone that needs some financial help to get back on their feet.”

Peggy Ruiz

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‘Ventnor receives $200K DOT

paving grant for Wellington Avenue’

“Keep the hall in good shape. This is an amazing space with a great history.”

Isaac Brumer

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‘Boardwalk Hall facade project to begin in 2020’

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