“Too many years of corruption under current structure. How can a major city be so dysfunctional?”

Michael Shucoski

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‘“Prepare to go to war,” Atlantic City mayor says to government change effort

“There is absolutely no tax benefit from these events for residents of Atlantic City.”

Tom Forkin

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‘CRDA, LiveNation agree to 3-year, $1.8M deal for Atlantic City beach concerts’

“It’s about time. Everyone else is cashing in on the rewards, why not us?”

Julia Salerno

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‘NJ lawmakers pass marijuana referendum for 2020 ballot’

“They will have to know state driving laws and pass the driving test. I think it makes us all safer.”

Susan Connolly

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‘NJ passes bill letting those

without documents get licenses’

“May a progressive Democrat win the nomination and beat a consistent, Trump-supporting Republican in the election.”

Steven Fenichel

“We should applaud Rep. Van Drew for his courage and reward him in November.”

Bill Land

“Didn’t realize there were that many people locally with so much time on their hands.”

Matt Ulmer

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‘Protesters amass outside Van Drew’s office on eve of impeachment vote’

“I’m 41 years old and I clearly remember poor children in Philadelphia dying of measles when I was a little girl.”

Karen Sanchez

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‘NJ Assembly passes bill to bar

religious exemption for shots’

“And I know none of these songs, or half the people.”

Joe Gaunt

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‘The top 10 songs of 2019, ranked by AP’

“Changing loyalty provides a short-term boost for Trump, who now can claim bipartisan opposition to Impeachment. But what was Van Drew promised in return?”

Tim Reilly

‘Van Drew staff members resign in response to potential party switch’

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