“There is actually history to that home and land prior to Sims purchasing and transforming it into that design nightmare that we’ve been left with today.”

Alison Suralik

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“Hopefully someone will take down those retarded dinosaurs we all have to look at.”

Mike Hayden

‘South Jersey’s version of Neverland

to be auctioned off’

“The state will hopefully withdraw its request to reduce salaries once the new governor takes office.”

Albert Waldron

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‘Judge delays A.C. firefighter salary cuts’

“$250 isn’t nearly enough. A breeder’s license should be way more.”

Eileen Crossman

‘Letter: Make pet owners fund government animal costs’

“Very sad. For people who have dementia relatives, there is a Kwikset app to get alerts on your phone when someone exits your home.”

Joni Gamber Drammissi

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‘Missing EHT man found dead by police’

“Welcome to Nick Foles, our new quarterback. We’re ready to go and we’ve got your back.”

Patricia Kennedy Dougherty

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‘Foles takes over as Eagles starting QB’

“What I don’t get is why people say nothing for years and as soon as someone comes forward, they come out of the woodwork.”

Donald Galardi

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‘Donovan McNabb among those accused of sexual misconduct in a lawsuit’

“All homeless need to be helped, not just the politically expedient ones.”

Brian C. Biscieglia

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‘Bell bill to allow counties to dedicate homeless funds to vets advances’