“This is a product of kids having kids, sucky parenting and the political correctness of not being able to discipline.”

Tracey Lynn Scherer

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‘13-year-old Atlantic City boy arrested after stealing delivery driver’s car’

“Form simply following substance. Never was a Democrat.”

Kyran Connor

‘Democrat officials say Jeff Van Drew poised to switch parties’

“Miss America is a dying event looking desperately for a lifeline.”

Allen Flehinger

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‘No Miss America, no problem:

Atlantic City didn’t suffer loss this year’

“If he isn’t a Democrat anymore, he needs to step down. We elected a Democrat, not a Republican.”

Judy Callahan

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“Come over to the Republican Party. We can get you more staffers.”

Jim Sanders

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‘Five Van Drew staff members resign

in response to potential party switch’

“Like John Dean many years ago, in the midst of corruption there will be a few with courage to tell the truth.”

Kate Grace

‘Former Trump campaign official

Rick Gates gets 45 days in Mueller probe’

“Can’t wait to vote Van Drew out. Whoever heard of a freshman congressman jumping ship his first term in office for an illegitimate president.”

Joe Trifiletti

“Typical Democrats — threatening and strong arming to get their way.”

Alan Cassett

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‘Harrison announces candidacy for

Van Drew seat, Amy Kennedy mulls run’

“Doesn’t matter. None will be the nominee.”

Ingomar Koch

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‘Here are the 7 Democrats who qualified for this week’s debate ... and 8 who missed the cut’

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