“Let’s handle the rest of the corruption of all of the politicians and local city offices in Atlantic City as well.”

Patti Johnson Morgan

via Facebook

‘FBI takes boxes, computer

from Atlantic City Mayor’s home’

“Think it’s time to send in the feds to run Atlantic City. Even the state can’t do it. So sad and embarrassing.”

Tom Cassidy

‘FBI raids Atlantic City mayor’s house, state monitoring situation’

“If it is raised that high, people are going to get laid off or fired from those jobs paying $15 an hour. Those businesses can’t afford to pay that.”

Erica Hartwell

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‘How a $15 minimum wage

may affect some shore businesses’

“When there’s a bill in the works to raise minimum wage in New Jersey to $15, can you blame them?”

Kerrie Sellers

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‘Robot janitors are coming to mop floors at a Walmart near you’

“Atlantic City threw out the only guy who knew what he was doing and elected another group of clowns to run the show.”

Tim Sullivan

‘Video of Atlantic City mayor,

councilman in nightclub brawl’

“I read it’s only $125,000 per year for three years. I hope it works.”

Lily Bloom

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‘State ramps up veterans mental health training with new grant’

“The city could use a new coat of paint and then some.”

Marc Wiser

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‘Grant sought to improve

Tennessee Avenue’

“This is what the holidays are all about!”

Denise Sarkis-Irish

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‘Shop with a Cop delivers Christmas early for 128 Atlantic County kids’

“There might be something wrong with the state playoff system if a team has won it 20 times in 25 years.”

Greg Wagner

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‘St. Joe beats Holy Spirit 41-22 to claim state title’

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