“Good or bad, right or wrong, if it will affect us all, then all should have a vote on it. Not just the money grabbers.”

Roger W. Ulland

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‘Legalize recreational marijuana? Senate, Assembly committees say yes’

“There have been significant increases on fiberglass insulation also. No tariffs on it as far as I know.”

Daryl Coach

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‘How rising U.S. tariffs are affecting South Jersey home builders and remodelers’

“This system which uses two separate and accurate technologies to test the same breath sample is intended to provide the highest level of accuracy and legal integrity.”

Steve Cupani

‘Our view: Strict breathalyzer calibrating would avoid invalidated convictions’

“Every place of business should have those yellow barriers because some people don’t know a brake pedal from the accelerator pedal.”

Art Hudnall

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‘Woman who crashed into Social Security office charged with reckless driving’

“If you can’t enroll in six weeks, you’re not trying.”

Mike McKeaney Sr.

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‘NJ Obamacare enrollment down

from last year in week 3’

“Looks like a great facility and the safety instruction is a big plus.”

Winnie Jensen

‘Gun range to open in Absecon

with focus on education’

“Fun to look back. How about the top 20 girls too?”

Noel Smith Wong

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‘Who are the best boys high school swimmers since 2000?’

“History seems to repeat itself.”

Jeffrey Kodytek

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‘Gene Allen’s situation a familiar tale,

says Dave Weinberg’

“I just want to see the video.”

M. Camille Burgess

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‘No criminal charges filed against Atlantic City mayor, councilman’

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