“Better than windmills that are noisy, smell and get ugly after 10 years.”

Guy Branderwyle

‘ACUA, Pleasantville to build one

of state’s first community solar projects’

“‘While we respect freedom of speech and welcome a diversity of opinion’ … such phrases are always followed by saying something completely contrary.”

Mike Gant

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‘Middle resident questions township response on Confederate flag display’

“Real American patriots want him to vote for what’s best for South Jersey and the American people.”

Peter Haberstroh

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‘How much will Van Drew’s voting change with his party switch?’

“Van Drew stands for what he believes in, until he needs to believe in something completely opposite to keep his seat.”

Ken Ruck

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‘Van Drew says he’ll keep pushing for what he believes is right as Republican’

“Many of Trump’s executive orders were simply reversals of Obama’s abuses. Democrats believe that these qualify as new abuses.”

Irving Cohen

Jay Ambrose: ‘Obama’s executive power abuses as bad as Trump’s’

“I lived on Belhaven in Linwood, which does this every year since the early ’80s.”

Diana Reamer-Tarves

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‘Candles bring neighbors together in this Egg Harbor Township neighborhood’

“Only problem is there is still no educated job market in Atlantic County.”

Christopher Micheal

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Press editorial: ‘Foreclosure era finally ends, leaving hope for better next time’

“Actually they are a totally human invention.”

Dan Dodson

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‘Santa Paws — the holidays

aren’t just for humans’

“Reading is fundamental … ‘this will be the warmest Christmas Day that was rain-free since 1988.’”

Amanda Jean

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‘Christmas Day weather to be warmest, driest since 1988’

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