“The cars are in North Jersey, filled with commuters to NYC. NJ Transit is making money on it, so they don’t want to send them back down here.”

Tom Pantalena

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“It’s South Jersey and Trenton knows they can get away with treating the people as pawns.”

Donal Sheahan

‘Atlantic City Rail Line restoration

pushed back’

“Tip of the iceberg for abuse of government benefits.”

Steven Ivie

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‘Pleasantville woman admits collecting dead mother’s pension money’

“Jeff Van Drew will surprise a lot of folks. He is clear thinking, very savvy and a hard worker.”

Wayne Mazurek

‘Our view: Congress quickly hears Van Drew’s strong, centrist voice for compromise’

“Run, but as a Democrat, and you might get my vote.”

Michael Haines

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‘Would a Howard Schultz presidential bid as an independent help re-elect Trump?”

“Yes, the furloughed feds were brought back and will receive back pay, but the contractors are still furloughed.”

Barb Hartranft-Sarraf

‘Furloughed workers at FAA tech center relieved, for now’

“These workers are in a very vulnerable position and deserve protection.”

Shawn Marie

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‘Atlantic City housekeepers implore lawmakers to pass panic button bill’

“I hope they can save it. It’s a wonderful hotel with an amazing swimming pool.”

Jonathan Geoffrey

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‘New York-based hedge fund

is new owner of Ocean Resort Casino’

“The problem is ACY is in between two major airports.”

Andri Kuswendra

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‘SJTA passes tiered incentive to lure carriers to A.C. International Airport’

“Everything about college, from tuition to board, books, etc., is made to wring young people’s wallets dry.”

Jon Ledford

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‘Report: NJ student loan debt doubled in a decade’

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