“Most of the bears that are trapped are relocated here to Sussex County. It is very easy for a bear to become that size, with the ease of access to people’s food.”

Lisa Mazzucco

via Facebook

‘At 700 pounds, black bear killed

in New Jersey sets world record’

“A public servant making a bold, even shocking statement is duty-bound to share the thoughts, reasons, opinions and details as to the rationale behind the statement.”

Richard McDonald

‘Egg Harbor City councilman chastised

by resident, colleagues for comments’

“I think the reform should include party bosses staying out of the primary. Let the voters decide, based on the value each candidate presents in open forums.”

Susan Luongo

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‘2nd Congressional District

candidates issue policies’

“That’s real nice, governor. Thanks for supporting this cause and helping to make a difference.”

Cheryl Corradetti Macellaro

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Photos: ‘Gov. Murphy participates

in Sea Isle City autism run/walk event’

“I like MJ but he really needs to stop with the earring. He’s 57 years old for goodness sake!”

Andrew Elorriaga

via Facebook

‘Photos: Michael Jordan turns 57 today,

a look at the NBA legend’s life and career’

“I doubt it needs additional ‘moral’ programming as to who to kill, but as many safety features as possible so it kills no one.”

Tammy Johnson

‘How should self-driving cars decide

who to kill?’ by Mark Buchanan

“That kind of camping is for wussies who can’t handle the outdoors.”

Kevin Larcombe

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‘“Campoholics” and the curious

converge on Atlantic City RV show’

“She deserves a lot of credit. That is really a sad statistic how few foster kids go onto college.”

Jonathan Geoffrey

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‘Foster care system doesn’t produce many college graduates, Stockton student bucking trend’

“She stands 10 feet tall in my book.”

William Scull

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‘Nothing escapes the watchful eye of Galloway’s “Mrs. J”’

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