“Many Trump-haters were surprised to see that most Trump supporters are smart, pleasant, polite and tolerant — not at all what media portrays us to be.”

Seth Grossman

‘Protests remain mostly peaceful

amid Trump visit’

“Mayor Tweedle has always been a steady hand at the controls.”

Brian Michael Paul

via Facebook

‘Pleasantville Mayor Tweedle

announces he won’t seek reelection’

“Well, I run a cabinet rescue mission while designing my own animals.”

Alex Bucky Toler

via Facebook

‘Animal rescue’s executive director loves the kitchen he designed in his EHT home’

“That’s a good thing for Cumberland County.”

Clay Borneman

via Facebook

‘NJ inmates to be counted

as residents of their district’

“Another nail in the welcome to New Jersey business plan.”

Joseph McMillian

‘State to restrict building in flood areas

to complement NJ Energy Master Plan’

“It shows how someone who had a chance blew it all away.”

Elba Berdecia

via Facebook

‘Vineland man, former football player, convicted of slaying woman in burglary’

“My IBEW Local always tells me to vote Democrat. I never do.”

Donald Peter

via Facebook

‘Local 54 endorses Democrat

Brigid Harrison for Congress’

“I guess my son and daughter in law will be coming to visit me.”

Jodi Handler

via Facebook

‘Phish confirmed for three-day

Atlantic City beach concert’

“Meanwhile, my husband will be paying student loans for his son until he dies.”

Sharon Logan

via Facebook

‘New N.J. law will sustain college offerings for incarcerated residents’

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