“Every elected politician in Atlantic City should make the 20-minute walk from Sister Jean’s Kitchen to the Rescue Mission and back on a hungry stomach Monday morning. Shame on all of them while they sit in their warm homes with full stomachs.”

Nancy Krumaker

‘A.C. Rescue Mission ready to fill gap created by Sister Jean’s closing’

“Everything is showing age and there is so much space not being utilized at all, no restaurants or bars open at night, no nightclub, comedy club, lounge or any entertainment factor.”

Gary Edwards

‘Caesars’ three Atlantic City casinos

hit hardest by new competition’

“Yes, the billion dollar N.J. Department of Transportation has no money for tiny, simple wooden railroad stations that might be needed in the future. This would be pennies to them.”

Lance Erickson

‘Demolition ordered for collapsing Middle Township train station’

It’s time the majority of the people to take back control of national marijuana policy, by voting out of office any and all politicians who very publicly and vocally admit to having an anti-marijuana, prohibitionist agenda.

Brian Kelly

via Facebook

‘Letter: NJ fights smoking but pushes marijuana’

“The city should be dotted with police substations in trouble areas. If drastic changes are not made, the city will never reach its full potential as a world class resort destination.”

Shane Collin Schaeffer

via Facebook

‘Atlantic City police install SkyWatch

in Renaissance Plaza’

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