“I would do anything for my dad including cut out my kidney right now if I could.”

Katie Simpson

‘Brigantine mayor’s family uses billboard to save his life’

“I’ve tapped my three trees for the past five years. I think it’s getting a late start this season.”

Robert Van Meter III

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‘Stockton seeks local participants

to produce maple syrup’

“I love movies and I think awards for something as subjective as art are just stupid.”

Brian C. Biscieglia

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‘The complete list of winners

at the 92nd Academy Awards’

“With the train tracks running right next to ACY property, construction of a short spur adding train service directly to the city would also help.”

Kevin P. Inman

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‘Atlantic City casinos execs say increased air service would make big difference’

“They will be sorry like many others in Trump’s past. Problem is it affects me and my family’s future.”

Kevin Dolan

Letter: ‘SJ not Trump country’

“A bullet in the top of someone’s dome is no way to prove a point or celebrate.”

Mo Ginsberg

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‘Wildwood man charged after shooting gun into air during argument’

“Jeanette, I did this in 2000 and it was great!”

Cindy Dietrich

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‘Job fair for U.S. Census work’

“Few cities and towns had as many cinemas as Wildwood.”

Paul Glover

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Gallery: ‘Look back at S.J. movie theaters’

“Overall still enjoyed the show. Been going since I was a kid.”

Bill Bidlack

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‘Atlantic City car show looks for

younger fans with expanded offerings’

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