“I insured many nursing homes over the years and the biggest issue in the majority of them is inadequate round-the-clock staffing, which leads to patient neglect and/or injury.”

Amanda Bonner

“Watchdog: Thousands of cases of abuse and neglect in nursing facilities unreported despite federal rules”

“Cars travel too fast on the connector. Speed limit is 35 but not uncommon for speeds to be 50-60 plus. Almost everyone is in a hurry to lose their money or get eaten by greenheads.”

Bob Carpenter

“Two injured in crash on Atlantic City-Brigantine Connector”

“Now we need one for NJ voters to push when the bill for our property taxes arrives.”

Winnie Jensen

“Gov. Murphy signs hotel panic button bill in Atlantic City”

“This was Atlantic City’s downfall. They got bamboozled into changing from a commission form of government that got things done for 70 years to a mayor council form of government that was so weak it could not properly advocate for the electorate.”

Steve Cupani

“Too much power? Commission form gives local leaders most clout”

“I think considering the amount of abuse she and Sarah (Sanders) take on a daily basis they handle themselves with grace and dignity. I’m sure the Federal watchdogs could find other things to address more important.”

Willy Whitetail

“Federal watchdog agency recommends Kellyanne Conway be fired over repeated violations of Hatch Act”

“Seems like a selfish act to me, just go ahead and taint graduation for your classmates and their families.”

Kathy Huber McClintock

“California valedictorian thanks teachers then lambasts others, including counselor and office staff”

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