“I played that piano when I worked there and just missed him on the way out. The suite was gorgeous!”

Paul Glover

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Gallery — ‘Own a piece of Frank Sinatra’s Golden Nugget “Chairman’s Suite”’

“Enforcement of already existing ordinances needs to happen to address any rare concerns with noise, parking, etc.”

Steve Laskarides

Josh Meltzer: ‘Airbnb wants to work with Atlantic City on short-term rental rules’

“Watch out Galloway residents, trash pickup will end up costing you thousands of dollars once the government takes it over.”

Mark Gawel

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‘Galloway Council to discuss starting

municipal trash pickup this year’

“In analyzing last year’s data, 85% of pediatric deaths were in unvaccinated kids. This is not just a ‘bad cold.’”

Curtis Foy

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‘Flu rates increase in early January,

stabilize by mid-month’

“Brought my two kids to that one, a 12 year old and a 10 year old. They remember.”

Deb Christman

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‘The spectacle, feelings of the day,

likely to linger decades after Trump rally’

“If anyone is infatuated with the concept of race, it’s the author.”

Dave Blatt

Dahleen Glanton: ‘Markle is black, yet many whites want to call her biracial’

“A great job of explaining what made the city so important at the time and it’s nice to see even a few remnants from the period.”

Jonathan Geoffrey

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‘“The worst kept secret:” Local speakeasies still stand 100 years later’

“This will give the power to Democratic National Committee to pick and choose who they want ... much as they did with Hillary Clinton.”

Doreen Peak

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‘How new rules for the Iowa caucuses could allow multiple candidates to claim victory’

“So wonderful, I wish that sentiment would carry on the rest of the year.”

Chris Clark

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‘Photos from the Martin Luther King read-in at the Atlantic City library’

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