“First Van Drew flip flops, now this guy. All these politicians are only out for themselves. Stop arguing with each other in 2020.”

Jack Seppy

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‘Turkavage switches to Democrat

for 2nd District congressional race’

“A few years late and a couple dollars short to even continue living in New Jersey (or anywhere for that matter).”

Sam Martinez

“And more stores have self-checkout and the price of every consumer good has risen.”

Zachary Myers

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‘NJ minimum wage up to $11

an hour New Year’s Day’

“Probably true of most of these kinds of incidents or at least trending that way.”

Mark Hills

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‘Officer said his McDonald’s coffee came with vulgar ‘pig’ message. He made it up.’

“How could the Associated Press possibly not include Drew Brees on this list?”

Charles Pritchard

‘Top 10 QBs in NFL history named’

“I don’t understand why bringing your own bags is so hard for people. Other countries and cities have been doing it for years.”

Amanda Jean

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‘Will the Somers Point plastic bag ban make a difference?’

“The only thing to debate is the fact that had this happened in N.J., a lot more people would be dead, because we’re stripped of our right to defend ourselves.”

Dan Devlin

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‘Texas law protecting armed churchgoers debated after congregant kills gunman’

“Got to keep the airport tarmacs and runways clear so everyone is safe.”

Gregg DeGrazia Jr.

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‘Snow plow drivers get community praise for keeping holiday streets clean’

“There are numerous jobs such as chicken processing and produce picking that Americans typically have been reluctant to perform.”

Tammy Johnson

“We need engineers and others who are educated.”

Dave Blatt

Letter: ‘US desperate for migrants’

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