“The Democrats understand that the federal investigation may remove Gilliam regardless.”

Tom Forkin

‘Recall effort of Atlantic City mayor

“going to happen,” just not yet’

“Call the USCG nearest you. They will tell how to make a donation. As a Coastie mom, thank you for your help.”

Nina Ianiro

via Facebook

‘Cape May rallies

for its Coast Guard neighbors’

“An hour of enjoyment, to break the day from the constant false news, overly embelished.”

Patricia Ortlip

via Facebook

‘How ‘The Price is Right’ became TV’s oldest beloved daytime game show’

“Solar and wind cannot survive without subsidies. They can be part of the overall energy mix, but the majority of power must come from clean burning natural gas.”

Edward E. Mercer

‘Our view: Solar subsidies unneeded, harmful to consumers, clean energy goals’

“Congress should not get their checks. They are the resistors.”

Irene Flaim-Burrell

via Facebook

‘Air traffic controllers get

their first shutdown pay stub: $0.00’

“Hope that all of the terrific people that work there will keep their jobs and the new owner takes the property to a new level.”

Lynn Burnisky

via Facebook

‘Ocean Resort Casino

changing hands after six months’

“I wish it was easier to quit!”

Sue McHugh

via Facebook

‘South Jersey providers to open

new tobacco quit centers’

“The pageant should outgrow Gretchen Carlson after one year.”

Sharon Manfredo

via Facebook

‘Miss New Jersey pageant

a hard goodbye for Ocean City’

“And everyone said that Brady and the Patriots were done.”

Kevin Marshall

via Facebook

‘Michel scores 3 TDs, Patriots roll past Chargers 41-28’

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