“The Eagles come marching in. Voodoo on you, Saints!”

Jay Vetter

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‘Saints stressing Eagles’ transformation since previous game’

“He did what he said he would do. Pelosi is no great shakes here, maybe its time for folks who can really work together to start leading this country.”

Wayne Mazurek

‘Rep. Van Drew begins by refusing to back Nancy Pelosi for House speaker’

“This is why jail isn’t a threat anymore. People have it better in jail than they do as law abiding citizens.”

Chrissy Iacovelli

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‘New jail, new oversight methods in Cape May County’

“Media: crickets. Feminists: crickets. Hollywood: crickets.”

Debbie Off

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‘Murphy campaign worker sues NJ, alleged attacker over rape case handling’

“While the politicians squabble over the taxes to be levied on cannabis.”

Patrick K. Roos

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‘Drug overdoses reach beyond 3,000 in NJ for first time’

“This needs to be addressed immediately. These diabetics need help.”

Jeannine Malloy Bonanni

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‘Skyrocketing insulin cost causing

some to ration — risking their lives’

“Thank the Lord for just a funny and informative news story, nothing political.”

Kelly Turner Barlow

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‘Cereal Town makes us feel like kids again’

“Finally, the people who decide state curriculums are addressing real life skills.”

Susan Kelleher

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‘New law brings financial literacy

to middle school students’

“They cannot even figure out who is in-charge, who calls the shots. So typical and sad at the same time. The city deserves better.”

Tim Sullivan

‘“Nothing has changed” between state, Atlantic City’

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