“A lot of good people on both sides showing interest in running. That is how the system should work.”

James Schroeder

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‘Amy Kennedy joins 2nd District congressional race’

“Democrats should go online and get tickets, then not show up.”

Andy Gerhart

“You should thank Trump for helping business owners make money in the off-season.”

Dominic Branca

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‘President Trump in Wildwood on Jan. 28’

“This excellent commentary has facts that I hope the Democrats who are ready to burn American flags will read and accept.”

Harry Mehlman

‘Bobby Ghosh: Good riddance to Soleimani, who killed thousands’

“Let the man rest in peace. Most have no idea of what went on in Atlantic City in the 1900s and the state.”

Martha Snellbaker

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Gallery — ‘Looking back at Nucky Johnson’

“Stay out of Mexico, folks. My friend lost her daughter who went there with friends.”

Cynthia R. Cortopassi

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‘American family attacked, 13-year-old killed on way home from Mexico’

“Racism is a word with heavy implications that seems to be tossed out lightly.”

Danny Haines

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‘Egg Harbor City meeting marred

by claims of white nationalism’

“What is done is done, and the country should get behind the president on this. When it comes to terrorism we cannot afford to be divided.”

Mayhugh Palmer Tees

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‘Tensions soar as Iran vows

to respond for Soleimani killing’

“I wonder if we will ever find out what really happened here. Very sad.”

Amanda Danny

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‘Volunteers plan search, march for missing 5-year-old Bridgeton girl’

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