“They worry about parents hurting their own children but this is who they hire.”

Veronica Massey

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‘DCF worker from Somers Point

faces federal child porn charges’

“23,000 square feet for 80 employees? That’s outrageous, as well as the $12.4 million cost. What about looking for space in one of the Atlantic City school buildings?”

Suzanne Koons Moore

‘CRDA mulls $10.4 million for

school board offices in Boardwalk Hall’

“Good, but a little late, so many cool things lost over the years.”

Catherine Van Duyne

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‘Historic preservation in Atlantic City could be key to economic growth’

“There wouldn’t be a problem if our country started taking care of the homeless Americans.”

Dani Disalvatore

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‘Wake up calls: A.C. police take

an earlier patrol down the Boardwalk’

“Scattergood is doing what’s right for the environment. Stop harassing her!”

Mariann Davis Maene

‘Judge sets trial for Avalon resident ordered to cut her vines’

“I still believe to this day that they are alive and living in Europe somewhere.”

Carmen Spano

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‘Photos: The life, death of JFK Jr., who died 20 years ago in tragic plane crash’

“Heaven forbid the township does something that might generate some business and income for businesses in the area.”

Lisa Edson

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‘Hamilton Township tables vote

on allowing MTV’s “Jersey Shore” to film’

“I can’t imagine how you can grieve the loss of a child with people doing these horrible things to you for years and years.”

Marni Peterson Kociban

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‘Parents of Newtown fighting back against conspiracy theories’

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