“There is a no swimming sign that is posted, though people still swim. The currents in that spot have always been very strong.”

Sarah Marcolongo

via Facebook

‘Two swimmers rescued

by passing boat near Dog Beach’

“This is the kind of shenanigans that give N.J. a bad reputation.”

Jim Clark

‘Mullica police chief gets raise,

goes on paid leave and will retire’

“Waiting to see if the money is really there before spending it seems like the prudent thing to do.”

John Pitts

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‘Stockton funding in state budget limbo’

“Did they need the money? I thought the collection box was supposed to go to the poor.”

Deb Dove

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‘EHC couple charged with stealing from Longport church collection box’

“It is only resolved temporarily. They are still claiming that they own the beach to the high tide line and stated in their release that it was an agreement ‘for now.’”

Brian Drass

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‘Frenchy’s Fries will no longer set up chairs, umbrellas on Ocean City beach’

“Well, it’s a good thing that the landing strips were still there.”

Cory Thomson

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‘Three banner planes made

emergency landings at Bader Field’

“If we can’t know who and how many legal citizens are in our country, we are doomed.”

Charlie Ireland

‘Supreme Court allows partisan electoral districts, blocks census query’

“They are the only team that has a point guard that can’t shoot outside 6 feet. Predictable and very easy to defend come playoff time.”

John Johnston

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‘Tobias Harris to stay with 76ers;

Jimmy Butler likely heading to Miami’

“They need to run this train at least once per hour, without cancellations if it has any chance of success.”

Ben Harrison

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‘Will the Atlantic City Rail Line ever see improvements?’

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