“Do they really expect us to believe it takes a whole day to remove a tree?”

John Spencer

‘Atlantic City Rail service remains suspended due to downed tree’

“Spending $12.5 million to renovate a 25,000 square foot building comes out to $500 a square foot. A new office building can be built for $200 a square foot.”

Tom LePera Sr.

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‘Atlantic City school board may get

huge, hidden piece of Boardwalk Hall’

“I don’t get why online shopping is so great. I’d rather see and try on what I’m buying with clothes and other items as well.”

Lindarose Massa

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‘Hamilton Mall’s new owner

has reputation for buying dying malls’

“Good riddance! The pageant should have slid into the ocean by the late 1970s. It’s an anachronism on life support.”

Elaine Rose

‘Miss America leaving Atlantic City again’

“Here in Florida it’s hot like that every day and we don’t have misting tents or free bottled water. We just suffer.”

Aundrea Thonen

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‘South Jersey finds ways

to cool off in heat wave’

“I do not understand some people. Their fun time comes before taking care of their child?”

Maria Spagnoli

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‘Bystanders rescue child, 3, trapped

in hot car outside EHT restaurant’

“He doesn’t need to be Anthony ... he’s Gordon. Apples to oranges.”

Maureen Elizabeth

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‘With “Uncharted,” Gordon Ramsay proves he’s no Anthony Bourdain yet’

“This should reopen as a state historic landmark.”

Branden Morecraft

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‘Photo gallery: A look back

at A.C. Race Course’

“The city needs to build a big dirt lot for them to ride on, like Egg Harbor Township.”

Randi Washington

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‘Man riding dirt bike charged with hitting pedestrians on A.C. Boardwalk’

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