“This is what happens when government runs a transportation business.”

Mike Krawitz

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‘Train riders see delays and cancellations since A.C. line’s return’

“Why not spend that money repairing these horrible streets? This type of stuff shouldn’t even be discussed with the way things look around here.”

Derek Brock

‘CRDA mulls $10.4 million for school board offices in Boardwalk Hall’

“Ridiculous. They lose the history of the pageant when they leave Atlantic City.”

Rebecca Jean Heroff

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‘Miss America leaving Atlantic City again’

“Keeping our children safe.”

Julie Louise

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‘Cape Freeholders reaffirm support

for ICE program, second person held’

“Good she’s not hurt, but parents should be held accountable since there are signs everywhere saying stay away from the animals.”

Danene Albertson

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‘9-year-old tossed in the air

by charging bison at Yellowstone’

“Nothing against cyclists but they do not belong on the Boardwalk. At the least, limit hours severely and in which blocks they can be ridden.”

Todd Williams

‘Man riding dirt bike charged with hitting pedestrians on A.C. Boardwalk’

“I know from personal experience that you have to weigh the risk of addiction versus being pain free.”

Cassandra Smit

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‘Biggest civil trial in US history will test drug company responsibility for opioids’

“That venue should have one show every month minimum in the summer and winter too.”

Ron Ravitz

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‘Boardwalk Hall unveils

$10.4M lobby renovation’

“So excited for another new local eatery!”

Ashley Stewart

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‘In the loop — Michael Brennan announces new restaurant to come to A.C.’

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