“Went through this in Brigantine. The state has a zillion foxes. They only have a half dozen of those birds that nest on the ground.”

George Albaugh

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‘Stone Harbor residents to DEP:

Stop using snare traps to kill foxes’

“People in the community know who has a gun. People in the community know who to see to get a gun.”

Winnie Jensen

‘Local leaders speak out about recent gun violence in Atlantic City’

“Chinese investors have bought many golf courses, closed operations and are developing them.”

Missy Sumski DiMauro

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‘Chinese delegation visit with Cape May tourism officials to learn, exchange ideas’

“Atlantic City changed after 70 years from a commission form to a mayor council form in 1981, and the city just became more dysfunctional because instead of five muckety mucks they added five more.”

Steve Cupani

‘Our view: Changing Atlantic City’s form of government worth considering’

“I know the Atlantic City Line cannot run every 20 or 30 minutes, but the schedule they currently run is not rider-friendly.”

James Schroeder

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‘Legislators ask NJ Transit for Atlantic City Rail Line marketing fund’

“This grandfather couldn’t have been more negligent. ... Who does such a stupid thing?”

Susan Rikowich-Malavarca

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‘US toddler dies after fall

from cruise ship in Puerto Rico’

“The Geator was, is and always will be Jersey Shore royalty.”

Peter Haberstroh

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‘Philly-famous DJ Jerry Blavat creates generations of ‘Memories’ at the shore’

“It’s crazy to think he’s only like 6 or 7 years behind Ian McKellen, and that he has another Rambo movie coming out.”

Jon Ledford

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‘Photos: Sylvester Stallone turns 73 today. A look at the actor’s life’

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