“Well of course it is, but don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

Eileen Thomson-smith

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‘For mothers in jail or prison,

being locked up is twice as hard’

“Still better than the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ invading Wildwood.”

Brian Van Seters

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‘Man-of-war washes ashore

in Wildwood Crest’

“That’s so amazing! I cannot imagine the struggle and the joy she has.”

Rebecca Lanham

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‘Beating the odds, smallest baby

born at AtlantiCare heads home’

“So business taxes are increased, which will only drive some businesses out of N.J., causing loss of jobs.”

Ramras Montgomery

‘Our view: Big tax and spend

NJ budget deal could have been worse’

“Bowie outfit is also by front door, along with Prince’s guitar.”

Tom Conner

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‘Elvis, Beatles memorabilia items

on display at Hard Rock’

“Claims that this man may be crazy or difficult may be true, but he is clearly a good business man based on what he achieved for himself here.”

Tim Sullivan

‘Ex-Revel owner Glenn Straub

still playing in Atlantic City’

“Should have been approved years ago. Just ask Atlantic City how many shootings it has helped solve.”

Bigg Matuson

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‘Pleasantville adds ShotSpotter

purchase to November ballot’

“The joke was in very poor taste. Plain and simple.”

M. Camille Burgess

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‘Miss Massachusetts contestant gives back crown because of #MeToo joke’

“Actually about 125 people protested.”

Caren Sollish Fitzpatrick

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‘Oliver North speaks on commitment, faith at Ocean City Tabernacle’