“Campgrounds pay lower taxes. If they modify the law, owner’s taxes go up, rents will rise.”

Karen Bloom DiPalma

via Facebook

Egg Harbor River Campground residents may need a place to live in the fall’

“The output of part-time, weather-dependent, erratic and unreliable wind power must be chased by natural gas turbines spinning reserve or the grid will collapse.”

Bill Slycat

‘NJ picks developer

for wind farm off Atlantic City’

“Opening only six stores? Was surprised to find on our trip in Canada last week, Babies ‘R’ Us was still open.”

Mary Kate Brigden

via Facebook

‘Toys “R” Us, back from the dead,

will open US stores in 2019’

“These children are in much better conditions than they were before they got here. The problem is that the system is being overwhelmed.”

Jerry Brown

via Facebook

‘US border agency head stepping down amid outrage over treatment of children’

“I’d rather Jeff be a little less moderate, especially for N.J., but then, his district is pretty far right compared with the rest of the state. This is a good set of bills.”

Guy Branderwyle

‘Van Drew introduces bills

on national election security’

“Jillian, everything we learned on the field trip!”

Kayla Costigliola

via Facebook

‘NJ ended its horseshoe crab harvest. Should other states do the same?’

“Had fun hanging with some of the crew at Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall last evening.”

Bryant Amper

via Facebook

‘Photos: Warped Tour beach concert setup starts’

“Why I should pay taxes to pay off student loan debt for others, when our family worked and paid off our own student loans?”

William Royds

via Facebook

‘Here’s what $1.6 trillion in student loan debt is doing to the US economy’

“Art is a gift that all can enjoy. Thanks to all involved in making this project happen.”

Peter Haberstroh

via Facebook

‘48 Blocks provides interactive experience with Atlantic City mural tour’

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