“In humanized mice? What kind of ‘Island of Dr. Moreau’ freak experiments are they running in these labs?”

Harry Sampson IV

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‘Cure of HIV is possible”: Researchers eliminate virus in humanized mice’

“Won’t come ashore, it doesn’t have beach tag.”

Sean Gleason

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‘10-foot white shark

pings off Cape May coast’

“DEA is doing a fantastic job helping local law enforcement. I don’t see as many drug transactions on North Florida Avenue as opposed to last summer.”

Jim Wildrick Jr.

‘DEA agents make arrests in Atlantic City’

“Did not think it matters if the victim dropped the charges, the police charged him.”

Robert Aiken

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‘Charges against Phillies’

Odubel Herrera dropped by victim’

“So much happening outside of new casinos — arts, restaurants, music, Stockton A.C., Orange Loop, affordability, proximity, history/pedigree, and an international airport.”

Louis J. Hanna

‘Why Evan Sanchez believes Atlantic City could be the world’s greatest small city’

“Don’t let it die! Bring it back to the beach.”

Louis Venezia

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‘Warped Tour’s last hurrah

a success for Atlantic City’

“Back then, folks enjoyed live entertainment, no video games, computers, smartphones etc.”

Kelli Brown

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‘Gallery: Look back

at the 500 Club in Atlantic City’

“For all you Facebook lawyers with criminal records, the charge is actually called Imitation CDS.”

Joe Landis

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‘Vineland police mistake rock salt

for meth, lawsuit alleges’

“Pack your trash when you leave.”

Bryant Amper

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‘What to know about South Jersey beaches’

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