“You’d have to be smashed out of your mind to swing at that dude.”

Jeff Drescher

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‘Florida man charged with assault

in attack in bar on Eagles’ tight end’

“If the company provides a subdued button to be worn by employees if they choose, I’d be OK with that.”

Patricia L. Santangelo

‘Wawa examines policy after telling staffer to take off Black Lives Matter mask’

“I bet you all feel stupid now!”

Ari Manttari

‘NASCAR rallies around Wallace

as FBI investigates noose’

“Then cut the budget. Don’t steal any more from the people. Cut the budget.”

Vernon Hicks

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‘Towns anticipate deep COVID-19 revenue losses in coming months’

“You can do whatever you want as long as you don’t try to take away the rights of others.”

Michael J. Halkias

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‘Internet-only primary debate just one

in long line of firsts for July 7 election’

“Hopefully he will be more clear whether 25% capacity casinos refers to number of room rentals or total people on the property.”

Ben James

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‘Murphy gives daily coronavirus briefing’

“Breathalyzers must be mandatory on all cars because people cannot think for themselves.”

Rufiya Hristov

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‘Drunken driver arrested in Atlantic City after crash trapped woman under her car’

“Love it! My daughter works in VIP player development management and she had to go back to the casino last week.”

Erin M. Diaz

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‘Atlantic City casinos to reopen

in time for July 4 holiday’

“We were always in Ocean City for the Night in Venice boat parade, with its outstanding decorated boats.”

Nanci Miller

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Gallery: ‘Ocean City’s Night in Venice through the years’

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