“I moved and was only in Ventnor for 3 months before Superstorm Sandy hit and took out my apartment and everything in it.”

Erin M. Diaz

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‘The nine hurricanes, tropical storms to make landfall In South Jersey since 1900’

“Don’t rob a string of doughnut shops and expect to get away. That’s the PD break room.”

Steven Scarfo

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‘Four local residents arrested

for string of Dunkin’ burglaries’

“Legalization of marijuana is smart, just and simply the right thing to do. Move along, prohibitionists.”

Adam Zapple

‘Cynical ‘back door’ legalization of pot undermines law and medicine’

“Love it for families with small children.”

Valeria Jean Marcus

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‘Regal’s $1 movie deal returns’

“Would be better if it were closer to the Stockton University buildings.”

Jon Ledford

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‘Atlantic City’s Hayday Coffee

announces closing date’

“Make sure you check for beach tags.”

Bruce Levinthal

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‘Plane lands on south-end

Ocean City beach’

“Happy to have the Miss America contest back in Atlantic City. I’d prefer to call it Ms. America.”

Kathi Grace

‘Miss America likely returning

to A.C., but with big changes’

“They should have a bike lane on the Boardwalk so people could ride during extended hours.”

Patti Johnson Morgan

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‘From biking to buses, how to

get around Atlantic City’

“A neighbor never paid for a fishing party. He was invited because he was a fish monger.”

Roger Stryeski

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‘Margate boat captain does the messy job no one wants: Gutting and cleaning fish’

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